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Learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and how to Code HTML and CSS. Tutorials include web-development, web-coding, 2-D animation, frame-by-frame animation, video editing, video production, digital-imaging, photo-editing, and video and animation exports.

Clone Stamp

Spot-healing Brush and Retouching

Patch and Content Aware Move Tool

Background and Magic Eraser Tools

Navigating After Effects Interface

Import .psd’s Into After Effects

Working with Compositions

Photoshop Customize Workspace

Layers, Groups, and Move Tool

Lasso Selection Tools

Quick Selection and Magic Wand

Dodge and Burn Non-destructively

Illustrate with the Pen Tool

Pen Tool and Anchor Points

Animate Using the Timeline

Frame by Frame Animation

After Effects Puppet Pin Tool

Export Frame by Frame Animation to Video

Export Frame by Frame Animation to GIF

HTML Links Using Anchor Tags

HTML Image Tag

HTML List Elements

HTML Body, Heading, and Paragraph Elements

HTML Head and Meta elements

Basic HTML Page Structure

Export In Adobe Premiere Pro

Audio Transition Tips in Premiere Pro

Add Video Transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro

Add and Edit Audio in Premiere Pro

Cut and Trim Clips in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Project Panel Explained

Add Clips to Your Timeline in Premiere Pro

Make Sequences in Adobe Premiere

Add Audio Transitions in Adobe Premiere

Import Footage Into Adobe Premiere

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