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Creative Process

The creative process is important to understand the clients needs, as well as stay on task for the entirety of the project. 

Client Questionnaire

I start the design process by sitting down with the client and asking questions to help understand the needs and goals of their business.

Website Audit

I audit the client’s current website, taking notes on improving content layout, ui, structure, and navigation. This also helps me get a better feel for the business.

Design & Develop

I utilize the notes from my audit to begin wire-framing and designing the website pages. Once the designs are complete, I build and populate the website with its new content.


Using different web tools, I research search trends, location population, and other stats to help improve the SEO and overall ranking of the completed website.

Website Features

It was important to improve the overall design and navigation of the website to ensure the visitors were easily finding the information they were searching for. Another crucial feature to the site was to make it mobile friendly and responsive for users on phones and tablets. The highest priority feature was the online application for users wanting to apply for the Career Center’s programs.  


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Online Course Sign-up

Website Updates

Since the completion of the project, I have been contracted annually to complete monthly updates and maintenance for the website. 


Tracking and recording analytics for the website allows me to make adjustments to improve overall usability and content for users and my client. 

“Our Career Center was in need of an updated, professional, and interactive website. Our old one was outdated and not practical anymore. I contacted Ethan Dray for help on the website and advice. Ethan took the bull by the horns, developed a website that was the exact answer for our needs, and facilitates it for our clients. Our current website is a perfect digital extension of our school and administration. It is working for us 24 hours of the day and has boosted our digital presence in our fields. I strongly recommend Ethan for your IT and digital needs”
Dan Enich – Director
John D Rockefeller Career Center
Career Technical Education

The numbers

Since the site launch, the Career Center’s program applications and overall publicity has substantially increased, even with the current pandemic. This is the result of proper SEO, design, development, and the option for users to apply online. 

Students Applied

Course Inquiries


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